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We take great pride in providing first class balloon

adventures. We are privately owned and operated

and our home base is Greenfield, Indiana.

We also are proud of our modern

aircraft, safety record, and

personal service. Before

and during your balloon

experience, our crew and

FAA commercial licensed

pilot will spend the extra

time and effort to make

sure you feel comfortable

and relaxed.  We can fly up

to twice a day,at sunrise and

again about 2 hours before sunset.

We operate 7 days a week, 365 days a year, if the weather permits and if we are not out of town at an event.


The entire experience lasts approximate 3 hours, with time in the air of about 1 hour. We bring you back to the launch site after the flight and have our traditional ceremony and issue you a flight certificate and a commemorative pin. Photos of your flight will be available to you via e-mail.

We suggest you wear comfortable, casual clothes, long pants and low heeled boots or sneakers. The temperature in flight will be about the same as it is on the ground. You must be in reasonably good health . As a guide, be able to jump off of a dining room chair without getting hurt. We fly with the wind so there is no wind chill aloft. Don't forget your camera! Reservations should be made in advance, however we will do our best to accommodate you on short notice. Our rates and terms are very competitive with other operators in the area. Occasionally we have discounts or special offers, so check our website often to see if we have a special in progress.


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Bailey is a member of our balloon team and a Riley Kid.  She comes out to crew every chance she gets!  She holds a special place in our hearts.  Click here to read her inspiring story.

11th Annual Balloonathon 2015 for Riley

~ June 20 ~

June 20 - Benefit Dinner


Silent Auction


Barn Dance

JUST $40!

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Riley Rides

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Buy a balloon ride for yourself or buy a ride and donate it to a Riley child and parent.


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